AthenaHacks Organizer Application 2017-2018
Applications are now closed! Please visit our website to find more information about volunteering, mentoring, or hacking!
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Major? *

You DON'T have to be a computer science major. We are all about inclusivity and we want allllll the cool majors.
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Why do you want to help plan AthenaHacks? *

What skills or traits will you bring to the planning committee? *

How do you handle conflicts and misunderstandings within a team? *

Planning for AthenaHacks gets busier in the spring semester. What other activities are you committed to this year (both fall and spring semester)? *

What committee(s) are you interested in joining and why (Logistics, Marketing/Outreach, Programs)? *

Logistics handles applications/registration, scheduling, food, venue and volunteers.
Marketing/Outreach manages the ambassador program, diversity outreach, communication & promotion, design and social media presence. 
Programs handles the opening/closing ceremonies, technical and professional workshops, mentors, project expo and judging.
Have you attended a hackathon before? *

If you attended AthenaHacks last year, what was your favorite thing about it? Least favorite?

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch with you soon :)

P.S. Please vote for our T-Shirt design! This will help us with T-shirts and funding for AthenaHacks 2018. Vote here:

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