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February 24 - 25, 2018
University of Southern California
let's go!
Please remember that AthenaHacks is meant for females, including trans and non-binary individuals. AthenaHacks is open to high schoolers and college students (undergrad ONLY). Thanks!

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Put N/A if you're not in school.
Will you be at least 18 years old or older by February 24, 2018? *

Are you a female (including trans and/or non-binary)? *

Remember that this hackathon is meant for females, and trans or non-binary individuals! Males are allowed to mentor or volunteer however! Check out our website for details on mentoring/volunteering.
What's your ethnicity?

Can you share some links about you to help us get to know you? Personal website, LinkedIn, Github, or Devpost? *

If you don't have any of the above, feel free to instead write a couple sentences to us telling us about what interests you/any projects you've done (big or small projects!)
How many hackathons have you attended before? *

We're just curious! We love all hackers, beginners and more experienced ones!! Note: to indicate AthenaHacks will be your first, enter '0' as your answer to this question.
Did you attend AthenaHacks 2017? *

Why do you want to attend AthenaHacks? *

What excites you? *

We want you to have a great learning experience!! No experience necessary in any of these topics (we'll help you gain that experience!)

T-shirt size? *

We will be providing women's size shirts which tend to run a bit smaller than unisex shirts!

Dietary Restrictions? *

Food is provided throughout the hackathon but we need to know what you can/cannot eat!

Link us to your resumé please!

Optional (but highly recommended). Don't forget to make sure the link is visible to the public if you're uploading it to Google Drive!
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I agree to the terms of both the MLH Contest Terms and Conditions and the MLH Privacy Policy. Please note that you may receive pre and post-event informational e-mails and occasional messages about hackathons from MLH as per the MLH Privacy Policy.

I will at all times abide by and conform to the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct while at the event. *

You've reached the end! It was great getting to know you. We'll be reaching out soon! In the meantime, check out our website for updates: and if you have questions, email us at!

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